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 Many Facilities & Gyms have and are opening.  Do your part to keep our community safe by following all public health advice.  Keep safe - follow COVID-19 Guidelines Important, masks or face coverings when in public indoor & public spaces, including on Thunder Bay Transit, keep your distance 6".  Wash your hands regularly.  Outdoor great place to be * again keep your distance.       

  Wearing of mask      Vaccine available at:Locations      Good Advise Doctor

 FITT "Frequency - how often", "Intensity - how hard", "Time - How long", "Type - What activity(ies)"
* Thunder Bay KEY.  Live classes Returning this Fall.  Join Me at your favourate Venue, Facility or Virtual!.

Fit For Life 55+

FALL back to Bodymind Centre 

Sept 7th - Dec. 16

Note: Time 

     9:30 - 10:20 

Must register in advance


FALL back to

 Bodymind Centre 

Sept 7th  - Dec. 16

Note Time 

12:05 - 12:60 pm

Must register in advance 

LU Aqua-Fit

Mon/Wed/Fri 8:15 - 9:00 am

Oct 4th until Dec 14th 

Note: Winter Session 2022 
Pre-Register Dec. TBA

CJ Saunders Fieldhouse 

Polices & Procedures                         

Virtual Senior Fitness    Mon/Wed           9:30 - 10:15 am
               You home                                 Your Space 

Thunder Bay 55 Plus Winter Session Registration Begins Dec. 4th 

Class Descriptions:FIT (Functional Interval Training)   Metabolic Pole Walking    Bender Ball

canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification is your Passion

Turn your passion for fitness!  Build community!  

       Become a world class group Fitness Instructor Specialist.  


"Certify your Passion" 

I will set dates that work for you, let me know Course/exam Register!

Need your team Certified?  email me 

My Why? Bio!

We are excited that you are interested in Bootcamps for Change facilitating a #SweatierForTheBetter program in your facility or shelter! 

Information may be shared with various partners, fitness professionals, our team/volunteers, and/or personal support workers. 

The information you provide will help us begin to build the best program possible for the youth you work with. Please read carefully and fill out the following application form. Make sure the information you provide is complete and accurate.

BOOT CAMP for change: 

Are you a trainer, physiotherapist, group fitness instructor, meditation leader, or otherwise employed in the fitness and wellness sector? We need your skillset to help us provide the greatest benefits to our youth!

  1. Work with us In-Shelter: Facilitate an in-shelter class for our youth experiencing homelessness. 

  1. Social Media: We provide details and/or copy and images/art, and all we ask is that you spread the word to your followers


Diietary Guidelines 2020-2025 

Fueling athletes | Nutrition newsletter 

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Portion Sizes!  Are you eating too much?  Easy way to find what your portion size should be. Healthy Eating!